Tatyana Allen, daughter of City Council Member, steals $400 as senior caretaker

28-year-old Tatyana Allen, daughter of City Council member Wanda Allen, was booked on an outstanding warrant from June 5th when a report was made by John Woods and Yvette Smith. Mr. Woods had difficulty communicating with the officers due to a previous stroke, so Mrs. Smith assisted. She stated that $400 was taken from his Capital One bank account and transferred to a “Jerome” via Cash App. Mrs. Smith stated that the only people with access to this information were the caretakers they hired from Allpro Healthcare Solutions. The most recent being Tatyana, when Mr. Woods had asked her to use his debit card to complete an online purchase for him.

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Tatyana Allen jailed for yet another fraud scheme in Clarksville

28-year-old Tatyana Allen told police she didn’t have enough money in her bank account when she met William Babcock to purchase a set of wedding rings in the parking lot of Crunch Fitness on August 30. He has advertised the rings on Facebook Marketplace, and Allen responded to the listing. She offered to pay him via CashApp, and the transaction was ‘pending’ in the parking lot when they completed the transaction. Sometime later, the transaction was returned and did not complete. Babock filed a report with the police, who contacted Allen for a formal interview. She stated she took the rings to Cash America Pawn the following day, where she received $150 for them. She told detectives she has had enough money to buy them back and return them but has spent it on other purchases instead.

A warrant was issued for her arrest, and she was taken into custody on September 19, charged with felony theft. Allen has a long history of fraud and worthless check-related arrests in the past. Tatyana Allen is the daughter of current City Council member Wanda Allen and Former City Council member and local pastor David Allen.

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