Te Kyia Ewing “fully mounted” cheating husband before punching him in face

26-year-old Te Kyia Ewing was jailed on July 1st for assaulting her husband over an argument about infidelity. Police responded to Grassmire Drive, where Te Kyia lives with her husband, Arthur Ewing. Arthur told police that after the argument, he went to bed and was woken up by Te Kyia hitting and yelling at him. As he got up to run out the front door, Te Kyia chased him, throwing various items at him, including a kid’s lawn mower; then she came back in the house, got in her car, and followed him around the neighborhood.

According to Te Kyia, she and her husband were in the middle of an argument regarding his cheating when he pretended to go to sleep, so she got on top of him, fully mounting him, and began questioning him. Te Kyia told police he pushed her off, and they got into a fistfight resulting in him grabbing both of their phones and running out the front door. Officers observed Arthur with a swollen eye and determined Te Kyia to be the primary aggressor.

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