DUI: Terence Hilton has 3 “vodka drinks” before falling asleep on Ted Crozier Boulevard

27-year-old Terence Hilton was found asleep in his black Lincoln sedan in the middle of the roadway at the intersection of Dunlop Lane and Ted Crozier Boulevard on February 6th. Officers woke Hilton and instructed him to exit the vehicle. Hilton displayed clear signs of being intoxicated. Hilton then consented to Sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on. During a search of Hilton’s car, officers found an Angry Orchard Hard Cider bottle under the driver’s seat and some empty THC packaging. During a post-Miranda Warning, Hilton stated he had consumed 3 “vodka drinks” 45 minutes before officers found him. Terence Hilton was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

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