Tiffany Timko took money, didn’t provide puppy; jailed, banned from AKC

23-year-old Tiffany Timko was jailed on June 30 and charged with theft after she agreed to sell a Cane Corso puppy to a person but never provided the puppy, despite taking the money. The victim provided police with a copy of the signed contract between the parties and receipts showing payments to Timko for $3,274 via CashApp and Zelle. When initially contacted by police, Timko stated she could not locate any documents for the victim and was dumbfounded by the accusation.

In addition to criminal charges, Timko has been suspended from the American Kennel Club (AKC) for ten years, and a $2,000 fine was imposed for violation of their inappropriate treatment of animals policy. In 2021, Timko was additionally charged with cruelty to animals. She continues to post ads on social media advertising her “full-time doggy boarding/doggy daycare” from her home in Clarksville.

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