Toni Akin jailed for animal cruelty after husband beats dog with shovel

24-year-old Toni Akin and her husband, John Simmons, were involved in brutalizing dogs at Donna Drive on February 5th. Law enforcement received information that two dogs at Simmons’s residence on Donna Drive were getting abused. One of the two dogs is a husky mix breed named Bandida, which was said to have sustained tremendous injuries, causing the dog to be unresponsive but still conscious. The other dog is a pit bull named Hercules, who was said to have been hit in the head with a shovel by the owner, causing swelling, bruising, and bleeding.¬†Officers made contact with Debra Sterback, who lived next door to Simmons. Sterback stated that she looked outside her bedroom window and saw Simmons dragging the husky out of the house on a leash and that the dog looked lifeless. Sterback also remarked that Simmons attached the leash to a lead and left the dog outside. Sterback then advised that she visually witnessed Simmons go towards the back of the house, retrieve a spaded shovel, walk towards the edge of the property where the pit bull was leashed, and then hit the dog on its head.

When officers observed the dogs, both showed evidence of injuries consistent with strikes on the head. Both dogs had welts and bruising on the top of their head, along with dried blood. An officer advised that the husky needed emergency medical attention immediately. Akin acknowledged this and left with Simmons and the dog, stating they would take it to Hillldale Veterinary Clinic. Law enforcement contacted all the local clinics in Montgomery County and found that no one had brought in a husky. Akin was contacted and asked whether or not the husky received care, and she told them that she had taken the husky to Belmont Veterinary Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. However, when law enforcement reached out to Belmont Veterinary Hospital, officers were told that no one had brought in a husky. Akin also refuses to provide animal control with any veterinary records or provide the husky for inspection…

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