Tovio Hardy “bucks up” on stepson, assaults him with cane

56-year-old Tovio Hardy was arrested for a domestic assault on October 16th after he and his stepson, Maurquel “Keno” McCottry, got into a physical altercation at his Kirby Drive address. McCottry stated that he arrived at the residence due to his stepsister no longer feeling comfortable due to arguments she had with Hardy. McCottry states that Hardy met him at the door and “bucked up” towards him before hitting him multiple times with his cane. The victim then states he was forced to tackle Hardy backward down the stairs to keep himself from being attacked further. Ms. Hardy, the defendant’s daughter, had advised she had intervened to stop the fight.

Hardy states that McCottry arrived and began banging on his door, demanding to know where Ms. Hardy was. The defendant then states that he let him into the home where the fight began, with Hardy being forced to hit his stepson with his cane. While doing so, Hardy states that the victim tackled him down the staircase, forcing him to shove McCottry off of himself. No marks were noticed on the victim, and the defendant had abrasions on his elbow. Due to both parties alleging physical assault and no primary aggressor being determined, both parties were charged with domestic assault.

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