Soldier Trevor Zandt assaults girlfriend during multiple altercations

27-year-old US Army Soldier Trevor James Zandt had an altercation with his girlfriend, Mackenzie Underwood, at their Falkland Circle residence on January 19th. Underwood spoke with the authorities on January 26th due to another altercation, advising them of both incidents. Underwood stated that she and Zandt argued for most of the day on January 19th. Later that day, Zandt came up behind her in the kitchen, placed his arm around her neck in a chokehold, and strangled her. She provided a picture from the day after showing a bruise on her neck. Underwood then explained the altercation that occurred earlier that day, advising that Zandt grabbed her legs and attempted to pull her out of her vehicle. Underwood and Zandt both told officers about an unreported domestic history between them. Zandt was taken into custody for aggravated domestic assault on January 26th.

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