Trinity Scharf bites husband’s arm during argument

20-year-old Trinity Nicole Scharf had a domestic dispute with her husband, Logan Michael Scharf, at their shared Tiny Town Road apartment on the afternoon of January 28th. Mrs. Scharf advised officers that she tried to wake him up around 1 p.m., which sparked an argument. This caused Trinity to go downstairs, where Logan followed her and pushed her onto the couch. Trinity stated he stood over her, preventing her from getting off the couch. Trinity then bit him on the arm to attempt to get up. Logan responded by grabbing her hair and shoving her face into the couch. Mr. Scharf told officers that he did not get much sleep last night, then admitted to following and pushing his wife onto the couch. Logan, however, insisted it was because she pushed him first. Logan admitted that he leaned over her to try to get her to hit him, which is when Trinity bit him. Both Trinity and Logan were taken into custody for domestic assault.

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