Four charged after suspicious U-Haul activity call finds Fentanyl, Cocaine, Heroin, meth pipes, and snort straws, oh my!

Clarksville police responded to a suspicious activity call on August 9th near the Waffle House parking lot in downtown Clarksville. Officers arrived to find several people, a car, and a U-Haul truck. 33-year-old Robert Griffith, along with 36-year-old Heather Ramey, were both placing bags into a Hyundai sedan with plates that belonged to a Texas truck. The driver of the Hyundai, 36-year-old Bobbi Nicholson, and her passenger, 31-year-old Megan Garcia, were unable to explain the improper registration. In plain view, officers say they found cocaine in a small bag inside the car. An in-depth search revealed Fentanyl, heroin, a meth pipe, marijuana, and four snort straws.

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