Umar Abdul-Malik jailed after lying to police about shooting himself in his leg

32-year-old Umar Abdul Malik was booked on an outstanding warrant from July 1st when he shot himself in the leg on Commerce Street. Police responded to Tennova for a gunshot wound victim. Umar told police that he was working at a nightclub and had met a group of women. He was interested in one of them and agreed to meet her at her house after the club. He stated that his friend drove his truck to Commerce Street after the women had given them directions via Facetime. Umar told police that the two arrived on Commerce Street and went inside the woman’s apartment. He stated that later when he was leaving the apartment to meet with his friend and get back into the truck, a black man walked toward him from the gap between two buildings and, without saying a word, shot him. Police observed the wound to have gone through the front of his pant leg on entry and exit lower than the entry hole. Officers then spoke with the friend who was the driver. Umar’s friend stated that they did go to the woman’s apartment, but when Umar got into the truck, he tried to hand a Model 1911 handgun belonging to the driver over to him and accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the leg.

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