Thomas West jailed after impersonating a police officer, pulling over vehicles

36-year-old self-proclaimed YouTuber & Racer Thomas West recently went to social media to claim he was arrested for “doing burnouts on private property” and encouraged folks to protest against Cody Evans, the Deputy who arrested him. As Maury would say, the results are in, and that was a lie. Multiple citizens called 911 on February 4th to report a white vehicle with police lights on top was speeding up behind vehicles on Wilma Rudolph and using his light bar and siren in attempts to pull them over. The following day, deputies identified and located the vehicle, which belonged to West. He was taken into custody and charged with criminal impersonation and illegal use of blue flashing lights. West admitted to doing burn-outs the night before but was not charged in any way for them, despite his claims otherwise.

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