Urick Miller threatens daughter-in-law with gun during family scuffle

48-year-old Urick Miller was involved in a family scuffle at Raintree Drive on March 16th. Officers arrived at the mentioned location and made contact with Haneen Elshishtway, Urick’s daughter-in-law. While speaking to Haneen, she stated she was trying to have a conversation about living situations that got “heated.” After arguing, the discussion became physical when Urick pushed Jaylin Woods, her husband. While trying to break them up, Haneen stepped into the middle of them and bumped into Latoya Miller, her mother-in-law. Once she bumped into Latoya, Latoya began hitting her. Haneen, during the altercation, jumped onto Urick’s back to get him off of Woods. After separating them, Urick pulled a gun out and pointed it at Haneen. Officers received permission to search the bedroom to locate the weapon, but they were unable to locate it. Both Mr. and Mrs. Miller stated that there was no gun. However, Urick Miller was still taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

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