Walter Jackson strangles girlfriend with electrical cords

37-year-old Walter Jackson was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Jerrisha Murray, at Cheshire Drive on February 17th. After Murray arrived at Jackson’s house, she walked upstairs to his room, where they talked about going to her son’s ballgame. During their discussion, Murray mentioned that he needed to mow the grass, making him argumentative and angry. The argument escalated to Jackson punching her in her right eye, leaving it swollen shut. Once she fell to the floor, Jackson grabbed a cord from an electronic device and strangled her with it. Murray was able to get loose and run downstairs. As she ran downstairs, Jackson threw her phone at her head and followed her down the stairs, where he proceeded to punch her 5 to 6 times before she left. She drove to Old Russellville Pike, where her friend called for an ambulance.

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