Joe Jackson assaults fiancé, breaks her phone after she sprays dog in face

23-year-old Joe Jackson, an employee of Jostens, was involved in a domestic altercation with his fiancé, Asia Parks, at their residence on Abby Creek Drive on March 4th. When officers contacted them at the mentioned location, they were both still upset. The altercation stemmed from Parks spraying anti-itch medicine on the dog, which got into the dog’s eyes. Jackson became upset, so Parks went into the bedroom to separate herself from him. Jackson followed her into the room and started arguing with her. Parks walked to the front door to separate herself from Jackson again. As she turned her back to Jackson, he pushed her. Parks returned to the bedroom after sitting on the balcony for some time. When she entered the bedroom, Jackson got in her face to the point that his forehead was touching hers. Parks proceeded to pull his hair and place her hands around his neck. She informed law enforcement that she did this because he would not leave her alone after she asked him to multiple times. Toward the end of the incident, Parks stated that Jackson had her iPhone 11 in his pocket and refused to return it to her. When Parks went into his pocket and got her phone back, Jackson grabbed the phone out of her hand and threw it on the ground. This caused the phone to break, causing $300 worth of damage. Joe Jackson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and vandalism.

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