Ryan Smith causes ex-girlfriend to fall out of car while out on bond for prior assault on her

While out on bond for a prior aggravated domestic assault against the same victim, 25-year-old Ryan Malcolm Smith was arrested this week, once again charged with the aggravated domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend, Abby Gladden. Police were alerted to the situation at Tennova Hospital on September 29th after a witness observed a woman fall out of a moving vehicle. As people came to her rescue, she disclosed she was trying to get away from Ryan, who was driving the vehicle, and he wouldn’t let her out of the car as he would ‘gun it’ every time she attempted to open the door to flee. She was seen at the hospital for a possible broken arm. Police took Ryan into custody and say he admitted he was keeping her from exiting the car and that he “gassed it and she fell out onto her wrist.” He believed she had taken numbers from his phone and texted or called them to find out who they belonged to. [photos in story may be disturbing]

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