Archie Maxie jailed for domestic assault after argument with mother of his child

32-year-old Archie Maxie was jailed last week after police responded to Trenton Road and spoke with Brianna Goods, who said she had been staying with Maxie for the past four days to work out their relationship issues. Maxie and Goods share a child in common. According to Goods, she and Maxie got into an argument, and he cussed her out and told her to leave. Goods said Maxie then grabbed her arm to force her out of his apartment. She told police she slapped him afterward for hurting her.

When the police spoke with Maxie, he said that he and Goods had an argument, and he told her to leave. He then grabbed her arm to escort her out, and she slapped him before leaving. Maxie was transported to booking, and it was later discovered that there was an order of protection against him with Goods as the protected party.

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