Asonte Steele can’t remember assaulting her husband with margarita can

27-year-old Asonte Steele was involved in a domestic dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Harris, at the Cobalt Drive apartments on February 18th. Officers attempted to contact Steele about what happened, but all she ever said was that she could not remember. However, officers ran into Harris, who told them what had happened. Harris stated that Steele opened the bedroom door with a butter knife, and when she went into the room, threw a pill bottle and a clothing iron at him. He attempted to grab her to stop her from throwing anything else at him, but she ended up falling on the floor. Once Steele got off the floor, she picked up a margarita can and tried to throw it at him. She instead hit herself in the forehead. An officer asked Steele to write a statement, but she refused and demanded to be taken to jail. Asonte Steele was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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