Dalton Huff crashes car while drunk, falsely reports it as stolen

20-year-old Dalton Huff was caught falsely reporting a carjacking at Dotsonville Road early February 23rd. Officers arrived at the mentioned location at 12:30 a.m. to assist with a rollover crash. During the investigation, nobody associated with the crash was found. Later that morning, Huff reported to Montgomery County Sheriff’s that his vehicle had been stolen overnight from his residence on Ogburn Chapel Road. Huff advised that his friend retrieved his phone from the wrecked car. Officers deemed this a suspiciously peculiar detail to provide, demonstrating knowledge of the stolen vehicle’s location. While investigating a separate incident involving Huff, a witness revealed that Huff was intoxicated and wrecked his car. The witness admitted to picking him up after the crash and driving him back to his residence. From there, he transported him to an address on Aspen Drive to clean up and then returned to his house. Another witness who resides at the Aspen Drive address confirmed through a written statement that Huff came at around 3:30 a.m. Dalton Huff was taken into custody and charged with making a false report.

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