DUI: Jabbar Bell charged after having “1-2 shots of Tequilla” before driving

21-year-old Jabbar T. Bell was jailed on October 21st after a routine traffic stop for a non-operational headlight. Police were patrolling the area and observed Bell’s black Nissan sedan traveling on Providence Boulevard. When officers pulled behind Bell’s vehicle, they also observed the vehicle did not have a functioning tag light as well. Upon conducting a traffic stop and speaking to Bell, it was observed that Bell had “bloodshot” eyes and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. When questioned, Bell admitted to having “1-2 Shots” of Tequila. Upon further inspection, A clear Taco Bell cup with red liquid smelling of alcohol was found in Bell’s center console. Bell was then requested to perform SFSTs, where he performed poorly and was placed under arrest.

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