DUI: Soldier Braden Hill booked after driving drunk friend’s truck at Tippers Neighborhood Pub

31-year-old Soldier Braden Hill was seen in a black pick-up truck exiting the Tippers parking lot on March 17th. Adam Wilder, a friend of Hill’s, was stopped at the Speedway gas station on Tiny Town Road under the suspicion of drunk driving. Wilder had Hill come get his car at the Speedway gas station due to being arrested for drunk driving. When officers made contact with Hill, they smelled the strong odor of alcohol and noticed signs of intoxication. Hill admitted to drinking beer at the bar he was at with his friend, Adam Wilder. An officer advised that Hill was too drunk to operate a vehicle, and that he should have his wife, who was also there, drive him home. As officers were leaving with Wilder, they saw both his and Hill’s trucks moving. Officers came back and initiated another traffic stop. This time, Hill admitted that he consumed five pints of beer and agreed to perform sobriety tests. Hill performed poorly and was taken into custody, where he was charged with driving under the influence on March 18th.

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