Timmicka Falls attacks boyfriend at Shelby’s Trio restaurant in downtown Clarksville

20-year-old Timmicka Falls went to Shelby’s Trio to start an argument with her boyfriend, Carter Katruska, who worked there, on July 14th. CPD Officer Johnson responded to the call and spoke with Carter, who said that she came there to argue with him. He told the officer that he tried several times to ask her to leave, as he did not want to do that while he was at work, and walked away. At this time, he said Timmicka became belligerent, slapped him, and left the business. She also shoved Oniel Brooks, another Shelby’s Trio employee, who tried to get Timmicka out of Carter’s face. Carter pointed to several cameras telling her that her behavior was being recorded. Security footage corroborated all of Carter’s accounts of the situation.

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