Cortney McKenzie makes multiple false 911 calls, tells police “I guess I’m going to jail.”

35-year-old Cortney Pershae McKenzie called 911, telling them that her ex-boyfriend, John Sanders, “choked” and robbed her at an apartment on Providence Boulevard around 6 p.m. on January 26th. Officers arrived and spoke with Sanders, who told them he had gotten a text from the property owner, Jason Wilson, telling him he needed to be out of the residence that night. He said that McKenzie was staying the night with him, and when he told her she had to leave, she began to yell and call the authorities. When they spoke with McKenzie, she kept saying that Sanders was going to jail and leaving the room. Then, officers asked her for her wallet, which she provided. This prompted officers to ask why she told dispatch that Sanders had stolen her wallet, knowing she had the wallet in her possession; McKenzie replied, “I guess I’m going to jail.”. She continued to make contradictory statements as the responding officer remembered a previous incident at the same residence on December 31st. During that incident, McKenzie made similar claims of domestic assault against Sanders that were unfounded. This demonstrated a routine behavior of contacting the police to get Sanders arrested so she could live there alone. During the December 31st incident, Wilson informed them that she had not been a resident since November 8th and was only there tonight as Sanders’s guest, whom Wilson had housesitting for him. McKenzie was taken into custody for filing false reports.

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