Soldier Dakota Cox plows through gate after police lock him inside park after-hours

19-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Dakota Cox was arrested on September 11th after reportedly backing into the security gate at Billy Dunlop Park once his truck was locked in. On August 25th, a Clarksville Police Department officer drove through the park and locked the three vehicles at closing time, marking their license plate numbers on a call to dispatch. Roughly 30 minutes later, someone made a call to CPD about their car being locked in the park, and they were advised to come back in the morning due to no officers being available. This witness told CPD that the gate had been backed into with a truck by a young male, resulting in damages nearing $3,000.

After reviewing the license plates marked by the officer before closing the gate, it was determined that the only truck located at the park at the time was registered to a Kentucky address. On August 29th, a detective was able to interview the defendant, who stated that the vehicle was solely his, and he backed into the gate to get it open. Damages to the back of the truck were consistent with the marks on the gate. Due to this, a warrant was issued on Sep. 11th, and Cox was taken into custody.

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