DUI: Daniel Harmon flees after causing accident, woman life-flighted to Vanderbilt

26-year-old Daniel Harmon was involved in a car crash at the Zaxby’s on Fort Campbell Boulevard on February 24th. Witnesses called 911, stating that a white Jeep was involved in a crash and left the scene. Officers observed a gold Saturn with extensive damage to its rear when they arrived. An off-duty state trooper followed the Jeep and made contact with the owner, Daniel Harmon, to ensure he was okay. The trooper informed officers that he told Harmon to call 911, but he refused and drove off. Harmon was seen driving erratically up Fort Campbell Boulevard and getting out of his vehicle while it was still in motion to put the hood down.

He eventually came to a stop at the intersection of Robert and Charles Avenue, where officers caught up with him. Officers spoke with Harmon, who told them he was returning from golfing in Murfreesboro. When officers asked him about the crash, he stated that he knew he was in one and that he was trying to circle back around to the scene. He then admitted that he had drunk 2-3 drinks of “Captain.” Harmon refused to perform sobriety tests. Officers searched through Harmon’s car and found a half-empty bottle of Jameson.

The driver of the gold Saturn was life-flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital due to the severity of her injuries. Daniel Harmon was taken into custody and charged with an open container, leaving the scene with injury, and driving under the influence.

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