Ethan Murphy jailed after leaving Electric Cowboy in taxi and drunkenly walking back

22-year-old Ethan Dakota Murphy was found stumbling down Clay Lewis Road after leaving the Red Roof Inn property on Holiday Drive. Daryl Brewer made the call to 911 as he followed Murphy in a taxi. Brewer stated he had given Ethan a ride from the Electric Cowboy to the Red Roof Inn after police had responded to the trouble nightclub and advised that Ethan find a ride home. After getting out of the taxi at the motel, Ethan stated he was walking back to the Electric Cowboy to get his truck and began his drunken stagger down the road. Officers arrived and once again gave him an opportunity to get a motel room for the night and sleep it off, be he refused and stated he was walking to his truck. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

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