DUI: David Beranek Jr. drinks 2.5 beers before going 90+ in a 65 mph zone

26-year-old David Laszlo Beranek Jr. was going 93 mph in a 65-mph zone on Dover Road on December 13th. Officers observed this, attempted to catch up, and watched him nearly collide with another vehicle near Lylewood Road as they yielded for the officer’s vehicle, which had its emergency lights on. A traffic stop was conducted, and Beranek Jr. admitted to consuming 2.5 beers as he spoke with slurred words. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was detained. A subsequent search of his vehicle yielded a loaded handgun underneath the center console and a spilled bottle of beer on the passenger’s floorboard. He was read implied consent and agreed to provide breath samples, which resulted in 0.170% BAC and 0.180% BAC. Beranek Jr. was taken into custody for driving under the influence, open container violation, speeding, reckless driving, and possessing a handgun while under the influence.

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