Earl Lowery charged in assault of girlfriend at Days Inn hotel room

37-year-old Earl Lowery was jailed on August 6th after an argument with his girlfriend. Lisa Smith told police that her boyfriend thought she was cheating on him, and they got into an argument in their room at the Days Inn by Wyndham while he was lying down on the bed; she took both of their car keys and tried to leave. Lowery saw Ms. Smith trying to leave and got up to try to grab the car keys. He wrapped his arms around Ms. Smith, and it scared her because of the prior abuse she’s endured from him. They left the room and went down the stairs, where they continued to argue. Ms . Smith began moving her belongings from one car to another when Lowery threw a lotion bottle at her chest. When police questioned him about the incident, he denied anything physical taking place and stated it was only an argument.

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