Seneca Christine Teel — too drunk for Waffle House

Clarksville Police responded to the Waffle House near Exit 11 and met with employee Elisa Smith, who advised that 39-year-old Seneca Christine Teel was causing a disturbance at the restaurant and refused to leave. By the time officers arrived, Teel was sitting in his vehicle, which was parked at the nearby hotel. He was reportedly extremely intoxicated, and when officers checked with hotel staff, they also wanted him off the property. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

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Jenifer Bess assaults motel roommate with cord, per report

Kathleen Webster says she’s been sharing a room with 48-year-old Jenifer Christine Bess at the InTown Suites near Exit 11 since September of last year. She says last Friday night, she was arguing with Bess when Bess threw a cord at her, sticking her in the face. Police arrived on the scene and took Bess into custody for domestic assault.

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Damon Perry & Amarion Caudle charged in Sango car hopping incidents

Police say 18-year-old Damon Perry entered a BMW parked at a residence on Clydesdale Drive near exit 11 in Sango. He reportedly took a Vera Bradley wallet, a Tennessee driver’s license, and various other cards from the victim’s vehicle. He told police during an interview that 19-year-old Amarion Caudle had been with him, and they were burglarizing vehicles together that night, “car hopping” through neighborhoods.

A few blocks away, the pair also entered a vehicle on Mountain Way, and during this incident, Perry acted as the lookout while Caudle stole various items from a vehicle. This incident was captured on a security camera.

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