Woman who exposed her inbox is arrested with men, gun, & marijuana after a police chase — KeAundrea Stovall

22-year-old KeAundrea Stovall was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle driven by Fort Campbell Soldier Daniel Benefield on March 10th, which a deputy stopped after he says he noticed a tag light that wasn’t properly working. As Mr. Benefield stepped out of the vehicle to speak to the deputy, the back-seat passenger jumped into the driver’s seat and took officers on a chase for over eight miles. Before eventually coming to a stop, a gun was tossed out of the vehicle, and once the vehicle was searched, 43 grams of marijuana was found under the driver’s seat and another 6 grams in the trunk. No occupants would claim any of the items, so they were all charged.

If the name KeAundrea Stovall sounds familiar, it might be because she went viral on Valentine’s day after posting screenshots of her social media inboxes, showing hundreds of messages from local men, many of whom were not exactly single, leaving their significant others not exactly happy when they woke up on the day of love. She since removed the post, however, Clarksville Today saved a copy at the time, and has republished a sampling below.

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