Jayvion Walker jailed after lying to police about fleeing from them

26-year-old Jayvion Walker was booked on an outstanding warrant last week. This is short series of events, with the initial incident taking place early morning on June 24th when police attempted to pull over a 2017 GMC Acadia with Walker matching the description as the driver. The vehicle evaded police rather than stopping.

Later that morning, Walker called and reported his vehicle stolen, stating that he was at home the night it was stolen and no one else had access to it. The vehicle was tracked using ON-STAR-GPS and located hours later with the keys still inside. A subpoena was issued to ON STAR for the tracking coordinates, and a warrant was secured for Walker’s phone location. The phone’s coordinates and the vehicle’s coordinates were compared. The evidence showed that Walker was at the intersection of Fort Campbell Boulevard and Dover crossing early the morning of June 24th, where the vehicle in question evaded police that same morning.

An additional interview was conducted on August 1st, but Walker still denied any involvement with the incident of the stolen vehicle, and a warrant was secured for a false report.

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