Jailah Burleson embezzles over $4,000 from Dollar General

21-year-old Jailah Ann Burleson, a former Dollar General employee, was caught on video stealing money from Dollar General on Ash Ridge Drive when closing the store on November 25th. The district manager of Dollar General, John Makowski, spoke with officers on December 14th and advised them of the incident. Makowski also provided video footage of the incident to officers. With the safe door open and blocking the camera’s view, Burleson drops the deposit bag on the floor, puts the bag in her shirt sleeve, and then locks the safe door. When Makowski confronted her about the incident, Burleson wrote a statement admitting to taking the deposit, other cash from prior incidents, and food products totaling $4,791.55. Under Miranda, she confirmed writing the statement and being the individual on the footage stealing the deposit bag. She was taken into custody for embezzlement.

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