Justin Hickey kicks officer in stomach after being kicked out of Electric Cowboy

On April 21st, 31-year-old Justin Hickey was seen trespassing at the troubled Electric Cowboy near North Riverside Drive. When officers arrived, they spoke with Hickey, who was asked to leave. Hickey told police that he was not going to leave. Due to staff telling him to leave and Hickey refusing, he was taken into custody for criminal trespass. When officers attempted to put Hickey in the back of the vehicle, he anchored himself against the frame of the car, resisting officers. Officers then picked Hickey up by his arms and feet to place him in the back of the vehicle. During this scuffle, Hickey kicked an officer in the stomach three times. Hickey was charged with simple assault on a first responder, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass.

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