Kat’leona Corey assaults roommate with phone charger; scratches face & arms

20-year-old Kat’leona Corey was jailed on April 12th after reportedly assaulting her roommate Christine Vogelsang at their home on Tandy Drive. Police responded and spoke to Christine, who said she and Ms. Corey had gotten into an argument earlier in the day, which police were called for, and it started back up again. She said that Ms. Corey started swinging her phone charger at her face, and when she grabbed the charger, Ms. Corey scratched her arms and face.

Police were able to see scratches on Christine’s face and arms. She told Ms. Corey she would call the police, and they both went to their separate bedrooms. Ms. Corey told police that she and Christine argued earlier in the day about her power being turned off but wasn’t sure how she got scratched. Police determined Ms. Corey to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody. When she arrived at booking, the jail conducted a search and found marijuana in her bag.

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