Soldier Keyshon Dill punches, pushes girlfriend down stairs during argument

22-year-old Soldier Keyshon Dill was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Ashleigh Adams, at their Northpark Commons apartment on March 17th. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they made contact with Dill. Dill alleges that while he was walking up the stairs to put items in his bedroom, Adams came down the stairs and attacked him. Adams then pushed Dill down the stairs, punched him, and pulled his hood over his face. This is when Dill decided to contact law enforcement.

When officers made contact with Adams, she stated that Dill had already been upstairs with her and pushed her. After doing so, he began throwing her items outside. Adams added that Dill came back upstairs as she walked down the stairs and pushed her again, causing her to fall down the stairs. Once she was downstairs, Dill started punching her. A witness of the incident stated that they observed Adams and Dill grappling with each other down the stairs. At some point during the grappling, they saw Dill hit Adams, and Adams hit back. Due to conflicting stories and the couple’s extensive domestic history, both parties were deemed the primary aggressor. Keyshon Dill and Ashleigh Adams were taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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Soldier Keyshon Dill fires gun into neighbor’s apartment

21-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Keyshon Dill was jailed after he reportedly accidentally fired his gun while he was cleaning it. On Mar 2nd, Dill’s neighbor on Jack Miller Blvd reported that when he woke up and walked into the kitchen, he found his cabinet door open and his Windex bottle spilled on the floor. He saw what appeared to be a bullet hole through one of the cabinets and the bullet on the living room floor. The bullet appeared to have come from the apartment next door. When officers made contact with Dill, he was in his bed; he told officers that he had a weapon and that it was recently discharged when they asked. He explained that about an hour before their arrival, at 3:30 a.m., he was cleaning his gun and accidentally fired it.

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