Lisa Fox throws boyfriend’s phone on ground during argument over relationship issues

37-year-old Lisa Marie Fox had a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, Stewart Atkins, at Alfred Drive on December 11th. Mr. Atkins stated that Mrs. Fox broke his phone during an argument over relationship issues and advised that they took each other’s phones, and when he returned hers, she left Mr. Atkins’ residence with his phone. On December 12th, Mr. Atkins drove to Mrs. Fox’s parents’ residence on Georgetown Road to retrieve his phone. Mrs. Fox then told him to check his driveway. When Mr. Atkins returned home, he saw Mrs. Fox pull into his driveway and open her door, at which time he believes she threw his phone on the ground before leaving his residence. Mr. Atkins then found his phone destroyed in the yard. Lisa Fox was taken into custody for vandalism.

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