DUI: Madison Barger drinks before crashing car in someone’s front yard

34-year-old Madison Barger lost control of her car and ended up in the yard of a Greenwood Avenue residence early February 20th. When officers arrived, they noticed an odor of alcohol coming from Barger. EMS personnel checked Barger out for injuries, during which she started swaying back and forth. Officers approached Barger’s vehicle and noticed opened packages of Delta 8 gummies in the passenger seat. Due to probable cause, they informed Barger of implied consent, but she still refused to provide a blood or breath sample. Officers searched Barger after they detained her, and she fell backward onto them. During a search of Barger’s vehicle, officers found Delta 8 gummies, THC gummies, and THC dab vape pen with a ¾ full cartridge attached to it. Barger was transported to Sango ER after officers obtained a warrant for a blood sample. Madison Barger was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and simple possession.

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