Marianna Key charged after pointing a gun at her boyfriend and her own head

24-year-old Marianna Key was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Joseph Copeland, at West Rossview Road on January 6th. The conflict began when Joseph heard the wrench in his motorcycle jacket hit the ground in a separate room. He walked into the bedroom to see Marianna holding his gun to her head. Joseph proceeded to jump on top of Marianna and wrestle the gun away from her, which prompted her to point the gun at him. Joseph was able to get the gun in his possession, but he left the house immediately after. The altercation left minor lacerations to Joseph’s lips.

When officers spoke to Marianna, she stated that she was in the bedroom with the door closed, and Joseph opened the door with a gun in his hand and pointed it at his head. She stated that he then sat the gun down on the bed, jumped on top of her, and grabbed her throat, causing redness in her neck and chest area. Marianna, however, told officers that she never hit Joseph. Due to the inconsistencies in Marianna’s statements and the injuries present on both, officers concluded that Marianna was the primary aggressor. Marianna Key was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

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Marianna Key & Cody Miracle charged with child abuse of 3-year-old son

23-year-old Marianna Key & 29-year-old Cody Miracle were jailed on June 4th after a citizen found their 3-year-old son wandering and playing in the middle of Rossview Road. While attempting to locate the parents of the child, officers encountered multiple people who were familiar with the child and noted this was a recurring problem. Officers went to the home that several neighbors pointed them to and found Marianna and Cody, who were not aware their son was missing or in a nearby roadway. The child was taken into DCS custody.

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