Matthew Thornton jailed for sending TikTok to estranged wife

23-year-old Matthew Thornton was caught trying to contact his soon-to-be ex-wife, Bayley Thornton, at Verkler Drive on March 14th. Bayley stated that she received a video message on TikTok from Matthew. She attempted to open the message, but Matthew deleted it immediately, leading her to believe he was trying to harass her. Law enforcement observed the message thread and saw a deleted message from TikTok username “CharredHilt.” During the course of the investigation, officers verified through gaming and social media accounts that “CharredHilt” belonged to Matthew. Matthew had an active COR in place, which prohibited him from contacting Bayley, so he was taken into custody and charged with contempt.

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DUI: Soldier Matthew Thornton flees from accident

23-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Matthew Thornton was involved in a car crash at the intersection of Lafayette Road and North Liberty Church Road on April 5th, 2023. He reportedly left the scene of the accident and walked in the direction of Northwest High School. The vehicle was stuck on a utility pole guide wire with multiple airbags deployed. Officers observed military gear bearing the name “Thorton” and later responded to the Flats at Lancaster, where Matthew lived. They discovered blood in the residence, which matched the blood located inside the crashed vehicle.

Later, Mrs. Thornton, Matthew’s wife, came to the scene of the accident. She stated that she and Matthew rode together in her car to a friend’s house, where she dropped him off. Mrs. Thornton advised that Matthew had his phone with him at the friend’s house but originally stated his phone was showing the location of his vehicle. She also added that she was unsure about how he got back home.

Officers contacted Madison Swanson, the friend whom Matthew had been dropped off. Swanson stated that Matthew arrived disoriented and injured and that they had all been drinking earlier in the evening. At Swanson’s apartment, officers finally came into contact with Matthew, who had an injury to his thumb that was bleeding. A blood sample was taken, which came back .118% BAC. Matthew Thornton was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

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Soldier Matthew Thornton charged with assaulting wife with vehicle during argument

22-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Matthew Thornton was jailed after hitting his wife with his vehicle. The couple had an argument on June 18, during which he grabbed the phone from his wife, Bailey Thornton. She says she tried to retrieve the phone as her husband got into his vehicle, but he placed the vehicle into reverse, causing the passenger door to impact her body. She says after she was hit by the door, she jumped out of the way and was worried he was going to run over her. Officers documented minor injuries to the victim.

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