DUI: Michael Trottman backs into guard rail after having one drink

Officers found 45-year-old Michael Trottman attempting to push the back end of his vehicle off the guard rail at Kennedy Lane on February 17th. The car was still in drive, with the driver’s side back tire moving fast. Trottman explained that he was backing up from the travel lodge entrance when he backed up onto the guard rail, lifting his back tires off the ground. Officers smelled a powerful odor of alcohol coming from Trottman’s body, and Trottman was having a hard time standing up straight without losing balance. Trottman told officers that he had one drink with a friend and consented to sobriety tests. Trottman then performed poorly and stated that he couldn’t do it even if he were sober. Trottman was then taken into custody, and an open bottle of vodka was found on the passenger floorboard.

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