Michael Waynick charged with public intoxication on Cunningham Lane

51-year-old Michael Dwayne Waynick was arrested last Wednesday afternoon after officers responded to a call of public intoxication on Cunningham Ln. According to Clarksville Police, Mr. Waynick was found sitting on the curb of Cunningham Ln with a spilled beer can next to him and smelling of alcohol. Paramedics were already on the scene, and Mr. Waynick stated he needed no medical attention and was fine.

After police asked him if there was anyone he could call to come to pick him up, Mr. Waynick responded he was just going to his brother’s house and then pointed across and down the street. Police then helped Mr. Waynick to his feet and waited quite some time for him to collect his belongings, at which point he began walking across the street only to fall over immediately. After multiple attempts to help a fellow human being, the police had no choice but to arrest Mr. Waynick for public intoxication.

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