Naser Abu Dayeh jailed after punching pregnant wife & assaulting his children

30-year-old Taco Bell employee Naser Abu Dayeh was jailed on July 24th after reported child abuse. When police arrived, they made contact with Naser and his wife, Sara Hindieh, at their home on Harrison Way. Sara stated that she had her daughter called dispatch because she was fearful after her husband threatened to kill her and all of the children.

Sara stated that on July 17th, she and her husband had a disagreement which led to him punching her in the stomach, and she is thirteen weeks pregnant. There was also an incident in their vehicle where he punched her in the leg and swerved the steering wheel, stating he “would kill everyone.” There were four minor children involved. The first Minor interviewed was RB, who stated two weeks ago, his dad picked him up by the neck with both hands until he was unable to breathe with notable bruising to his neck. RB went on to explain that just that day, his father punched him in the jaw twice and in his stomach once. After the punches, he picked him up off the ground by his ears.

Police then spoke with SB, who stated that day, her father kicked her in her leg and buttock. Police also observed visible bruising to her left arm where she was grabbed. AB was the third minor to be interviewed who stated just that day, his father squeezed both sides of his neck from behind, punched him in the face, and kicked him in the leg.

The final minor child was MA, who is approximately one year old. The children told police that they witnessed their father smack and punch the baby in the face multiple times on a daily basis. They further stated that their father grabbed MA by both arms and threw her onto a bed, where she landed on her head. All the children’s statements about what was taking place in the household were corroborated by their physical injuries. The children all had multiple bruises and abrasions in the areas of the alleged assaults.

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