19-Year-Old Walter Gooch robs former Northeast High School classmate outside his home

19-year-old Walter Gooch was involved in the robbery of a former Northeast high school classmate at Ballygar Street on January 14th. While the juvenile victim was walking home from a friend’s house, he observed a white charger parked outside his house. The juvenile victim then saw four black males knocking on his door. The men noticed the juvenile victim looking at them and began to chase him. They chased the juvenile victim around the back of his home and to the intersection of Ballygar Street and Ellsworth Drive. However, one of the males pushed him to the ground and hit him four times across his head. One of the males grabbed his iPhone 8 Max, then all four men ran away. The victim informed officers that he recognized the male hitting him from school but only knew him as Walter. Gooch was listed as a possible suspect and was included in a photo lineup where he was identified as the assailant. Walter Gooch was taken into custody and charged with robbery.

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