Nylisha Mcfarley assaults brother during argument over controller batteries

19-year-old Nylisha Labree McFarley had a scuffle with her brother, Nicholas Melendez, at their family’s apartment on Martha Lane late December 13th. Officers arrived, and Mcfarley advised them that she and Melendez had argued. Mcfarley stated that she went to Melendez’s room to ask for batteries for her controller. She stated he threw the batteries at her feet, so she threw her controller and batteries at him. They continued yelling at each other in the bedroom, so he started recording the incident on his cell phone. In response, she went towards him and took his phone away, so he grabbed her and put her on the ground.

Officers then spoke with Melendez, who stated he threw the batteries near her feet, not at them. Melendez also stated that when she took his phone, she began punching him repeatedly.  A witness confirmed his statements, and McFarley was deemed the primary aggressor. Nylisha Mcfarley was taken into custody for domestic assault on December 13th.

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