O’marieon Moran assaults mother after argument over TV volume

20-year-old O’marieon Moran was involved in an altercation with his mother, Lakita Stripling, at their South Riverside Drive residence on April 5th. Stripling and her daughter asked Maron to turn down the TV because they had work in the morning. This, however, only led to Moran turning the television up louder, which caused an argument between Moran and his mother. During the argument, Moran went outside and smoked a Black & Mild cigar. Stripling did not want Moran smoking at her house, so she told him to put it out.

While arguing with Moran, Stripling approached him and put out the Black & Mild. The two returned inside, where Moran began to use his sister’s cell phone. Stripling made a statement to Moran, so he pointed his middle finger at her. Stripling took Moran’s sister’s phone from him and returned it to her. Moran then became furious and began to push his mother and grab her by the arm. O’marieon Moran was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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O’marieon Moran assaults grandfather, who told him to pick up trash

19-year-old Omarieon Moran was jailed Monday morning after fighting his grandfather when he was asked to take out the trash. Police responded to the 700 block of Anita Ct. where Lakita Stripling told police that her son, Moran, and her father, Mr. Kuykendall, got into a fight. Kuykendall told police that Moran shoved him after he was asked to take out the trash. They began to wrestle, and a family member broke it up. Mr. Moran admitted to hitting his grandfather but would not go into further detail when asked. There were no reported injuries, and Moran was deemed the primary aggressor.

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