Rajun Hubbard breaks into homes and douses himself with water from sinks

21-year-old Rajun Hubbard was jailed on August 21st after police responded to a breaking and entering call on Rossview Road. Victim 1 told police that she heard a crash and then heard yelling from downstairs. When she went downstairs to investigate, she saw a man. Victim 2 then came downstairs to try to calm Mr. Hubbard down. Both victims stated that Mr. Hubbard started screaming and banged his fists on the stove before spraying himself with the kitchen faucet to cool himself off. After all the chaos, Mr. Hubbard abruptly ran out of the house. When the police arrived, they observed the door knocked off the hinges.

There was another report of breaking and entering that same day on Fairview Lane. The complainant advised that Mr. Hubbard broke the back door to get in and left the faucet running outside of the sink, causing flooding to the bottom floor of the apartment. The estimated total in damages was $1,300. When the officers arrived, they observed Mr. Hubbard on the ground with multiple lacerations surrounded by broken glass next to the back door.

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