DUI: Rebekah Pannell passed out drunk in Ford Focus after drinking at Electric Cowboy

21-year-old Rebekah Pannell, an employee of Buffalo Wild Wings, was found sleeping in a Ford Focus with the vehicle still in drive at the intersection of Needmore and Trenton Road on February 24th. After knocking on the driver’s side window multiple times, Pannell woke up and was instructed to step out of the vehicle. Once Pannell opened the door, officers observed that she had bloodshot eyes and smelt like alcohol. Pannell stated that she could not perform any field sobriety tests because she was having trouble balancing. Pannell added that she was at the troubled Electric Cowboy and had drank two or three rum and cokes. An officer told Pannell that he would like her to try to execute some field sobriety tests to see if she was okay to drive. Pannell agreed to perform the sobriety tests and performed poorly. Officers arrested Pannell and searched her vehicle, which yielded empty Cayman Jack Margarita containers in the center console and a case of Cayman Jack Margaritas in the passenger floorboard. After being informed about implied consent, Pannell agreed to provide a blood sample and was transported to Tennova Medical Care. Rebekah Pannell was taken into custody for driving under the influence and open container on February 24th.

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