Robert Johnson assaults girlfriend after damaging her property during altercation

45-year-old Robert Daniel Johnson had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Sarah Meeks, at her Acorn Drive residence on August 29th, 2023. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Meeks, who stated Johnson had entered her house and started damaging her property. As Johnson did this, she confronted him. Meeks said he responded by retrieving a knife from the kitchen and chasing her outside. Officers noticed a clear sign of struggle inside the residence, including a broken mirror in the bedroom. Officers also noticed contents from the kitchen drawer scattered across the floor.

Then, officers approached Johnson, who they found standing in front of his parked vehicle on the road. Officers as questioned Johnson about the knife, he grabbed it from the driver’s side door compartment for them. Johnson was deemed the primary aggressor. Then, a warrant was issued for his arrest on August 31st, 2023. On April 12th, 2024, he was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and two counts of contempt.

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Robert Johnson assaults wife, leaves her on side of the road

83-year-old Robert Johnson was jailed on March 27th after shoving his wife Barbara Jonson on the arm while she was driving and threatening to kill her on Rossview Road. Barbara told police that she did not feel safe, so she pulled over, and her husband took off in their vehicle. Barbara disclosed that Robert has had Alzheimer’s since 2015 and the last two years have been significantly worse.

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