Alaisea Matavao charged with assault of ex-boyfriend; punches him in face while drunk

29-year-old Alaisea Antonina Matavao was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging her with domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call during a June incident with her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Campbell. Campbell told police Matavao had texted to ask if she could come over, and he agreed. While she was there he says she became intoxicated and overstayed her welcome, and he asked her to leave, to which she refused. As he was escorting her out of his home, he says she punched him in the face. As he grabbed his phone to call police, so things didn’t get out of hand or be misinterpreted, she took the phone from him. He then sat in his car until she left the property. Officers arrived after she had left and documented a “very swollen” eye where he had been punched with fresh bruising. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

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