Samaria Baker assaults woman with wooden stick during altercation involving ex-boyfriend

30-year-old Samaria Baker was involved in an altercation with Kenyatta Brown and Harold Mitchell at Keesee Road on December 9th. The conflict began when Brown and Mitchell, who was in a relationship with Baker but living separately, came to pick up some of his clothes at the residence. Once they entered the home, Baker became irate and began fighting Brown by hitting her in the face with a wooden stick, causing visible marks on her face around her eyes and the temple area of her skull. Brown was able to disarm Baker and protect herself while Mitchell called 911. When law enforcement arrived, they questioned Mitchell, and he advised that he and Baker were going through a breakup; when he talked about the issue with her, he stated that she destroyed his shoes and sports jerseys, which are estimated to cost about $1300 in total. Baker was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

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