Jessica Sullens assaults ex-boyfriend when asked to leave his home after sex

31-year-old Jessica Sullens was involved in a domestic altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Johnathan McConnell, at his Winding Bluff Way residence on March 16th. Officers arrived at the mentioned location and made contact with McConnell, who stated that he invited Sullens to his house so she could collect the rest of her belongings. When Sullens was asked to leave, she became angry and kicked a water pan and a food bowl for a dog. The two continued to argue until Sullens decided to leave, but as McConnell closed the door, Sullens returned and hit it back open. She then proceeded to hit McConnell’s phone out of his hand.

Sullens left before officers arrived, but she was located shortly after at the Silver Dollar Grocery on Trenton Road. Sullens claimed that she went to McConnell’s home, where she had intercourse with him. Immediately after, McConnell asked Sullens to leave, which led to an argument. Out of anger, Sullens kicked the dog bowls and exited the residence. As she was leaving, she hit the door and hit McConnell’s phone out of his hands. Jessica Sullens was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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Jessica Sullens shatters man’s front door after catching him with another woman

31-year-old Jessica Sullens was seen breaking a man’s door handle after showing up unannounced at his residence at Winding Bluff on February 19th. The male victim stated that after Sullens left a bar, she went to his house without prior notice. Once Sullens was inside, she became upset because she had seen him with another woman. He asked her to leave, but as she exited the door, she broke the door handle off and threw it at the front door, shattering the glass. When officers made contact with Sullens, she stated that she was invited over and gave them evidence of the victim doing so. However, she was still taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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